Journey on the High Seas

Live a unique experience around the biggest aquarium in Europe which reproduces Malpelo Island off the coast of Colombia.

Journey on the High Seas

The Visitor Routes

Powerful ocean

Seafarers who ply the seas have sometimes travelled the oceans with dread in their eyes following the phenomenal waves and raging storms they have experienced at sea. The ocean reminds us that its power cannot be controlled.

The kingdom of sharks

The shark has always fascinated people... Whether admired or feared, the shark is the ultimate predator in the oceans! But in reality, of the nearly 500 species found in the oceans, very few are dangerous to humans, who are often fearful and suspicious of them!

Deep Sea Diving

The high seas are teeming with life and are home to an incredibly rich fauna and flora. Populated by animals of all sizes, there are both plankton, sometimes invisible to the naked eye, and the immense and majestic blue whales, which can reach 25 m.

The Ocean at night

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question.
Night is the perfect opportunity for ocean predators to hunt for fish. Using techniques such as bioluminescence, some species attract their prey with light.

The travellers of the open sea

They contribute to man's fascination with the ocean because of their beauty and majesty. Dolphins, sperm whales and other cetaceans are the giants of the sea.

The Great Divide

The 7-metre high Great Rift is a real incursion into the Great Basin and provides an opportunity to observe underwater life as if you were in the depths of the ocean. This staging of the seabed on Malpelo Island off the coast of Colombia is a real treat for the eyes...

Under the Ocean

Cross the Great Basin through a tunnel more than 18 metres long to get up close and personal with the species living in the ocean.

The underwater cave

Young explorers, slip into the heart of the underwater caves to watch the fish and discover the seabed.

The abyss

The abyss is the ocean bed at a depth of more than 1,000 metres where total darkness reigns. Immerse yourselves in these depths to discover the astonishing life that thrives there!

The Great Ocean Show

20m long, 5m high, 54 tonnes, a technical feat to immerse you in the grandiose Ocean show, and the ballet of the 40 species that inhabit the biggest tank in Europe.


Living Ocean

Tsunamis, storms, cyclones, Man is powerless against the elements of the ocean. Although it represents 70% of the blue planet, it is estimated that only 5% of its waters have been explored! But with an average depth of 3 800 m, compared with 840 m for the continents, it is difficult to see bottom.


Live the Open Seas Experience

Meet the animals of the High Seas in augmented reality facing the large bay


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The Banggaï cardinalfish, a real superdad!

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