European and international projects

Nausicaá is a partner in European, collaborative, scientific and research projects.

Nausicaá is a partner in numerous European educational, scientific and citizen mobilisation projects on subjects such as water quality, the reproduction and survival of skates rays, seaweed consumption and the creation of a youth forum.

Nausicaá is an aquarium with many missions and one of these missions is to get involved in projects linked to the concerns and topics pursued by the centre, namely climate change, sustainable development and innovation.

Why European projects?

Since it first opened in 1991, Nausicaá's mission has been to make the general public aware of the issues facing the ocean, in particular climate change and the threats to marine biodiversity, and to help them understand.

  • By exploring Nausicaá, visitors can gain a better understanding of the essential role of the ocean in our lives and the actions that can be taken to preserve it.
  • This mission involving outreach, communication and education has been developed through Nausicaá's participation in projects on a European and international scale. This expertise is now widely recognised and is sought to support scientific projects (marine biology and social sciences, education) and research projects.
  • Therefore, Nausicaá plays a part in strengthening the role of aquariums in society as a source of information on the oceans and as a link between the public and institutions, state bodies and professionals in the marine world, actors in the world of education and science.
  • This involvement with partners such as other aquariums, science centres, research institutes, universities, state bodies and professionals in France and internationally contributes to the growing influence that aquariums are seeking to have in discussions on issues related to ocean preservation.

How does Nausicaá play a role in these projects?


  • by creating tools for the general public to understand what is at stake,
  • by acting as a relay for scientific institutions to popularize science among the general public,
  • by connecting the various actors involved in issues related to the ocean to bring about actions in favor of the oceans,
  • by using its expertise in education and outreach to communicate to the public and get them involved in ocean preservation.


The challenges of these collaborative projects

For each project in which Nausicaá is involved, there is a preservation or outreach challenge that reflects the values that the centre defends every day.

  • Sustainability, innovation and food safety with Valgorize,
  • Preserving biodiversity and resources with SUMARiS
  • Meeting food needs through blue growth with Aqua-lit
  • Preserving and restoring ecosystems thanks to nature-based solutions with H2O:Source2Sea
  • Education, awareness-raising and mobilisation with Youth4Ocean
  • Reducing plastic discharges into the North Sea with TREASURE

Promoting research

"Blue nights" with the European Researchers' Night

The purpose of this project is to promote marine research and improve public perception of researchers.

It is also an opportunity to promote Nausicaá's activities related to research.

The 2nd edition of this blue night will take place in September 2023.