Our team's activities and skills

A passionate and dedicated team for the Ocean

Each day, 220 people are responsible for running Nausicaá, the largest aquarium in Europe; a team that does its utmost to turn your visit into a discovery of the ocean brimming with wonder and amazement. From welcoming visitors, to caring for animals, as well as creating exhibitions, organising events, welcoming school audiences, technical and administrative tasks, meet the people who make Nausicaá happen.

A range of professions to welcome visitors

Every day, we treat our visitors to a top-quality welcome. From booking to reception, as well as purchases in the shop or in the restaurant, a whole host of professions are involved in making sure our visitors are satisfied. We also maintain cleanliness and safety throughout the tour to make it an unforgettable experience.

Handlers dedicated to the well-being of the animals and safeguarding the species

Nausicaá is a truly marine biodiversity conservatory with over 58,000 animals.

The aquarium team, made up of 30 handlers and divers, takes care of the animals each and every day and contributes to preserving biodiversity through conservation programmes. Every year, there are many births at Nausicaá, allowing species that are endangered in their damaged natural environment to be saved.

Mediation and scientific culture lie at the heart of our outreach mission

Exhibitions, activities, workshops, conferences and events: the Centre's teams implement innovative mediation systems to raise public awareness and get people involved in preserving the Ocean.

With its pedagogic and scientific approach, Nausicaá is an essential educational facility at the disposal of teachers and their students. Through its partnership with the French Ministry of Education since 1991, Nausicaá offers teachers and their students an educational programme that is constantly being updated and adapted to each school level, from nursery school to university.

Nausicaá's International Relations Department is also developing numerous mediation and outreach activities outside the Centre, through European and international projects in collaboration with its partners.

Support positions: employees at the service of Nausicaá's development and attractiveness

Although much less visible to the public, the financial, administrative, human resources, communication, marketing and business development departments, as well as the project and sponsorship departments, are all involved in the day-to-day running of the Centre, its influence and its positioning as a major attraction for the Boulogne area and the Hauts-de-France region, and as a renowned expert on the marine world.


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