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Located in Boulogne-sur-Mer in the heart of the French Opal Coast, Nausicaá invites you to take a plunge into the depths of the ocean! Listed by UNESCO, Nausicaá is one of the largest European sites dedicated to discovering and spreading awareness about protecting the marine world.

Come on board for an unforgettable day in the depths of the sea world and discover more than 58,000 animals. Explore all its hidden secrets and treasures, but also its fragility through 3 immersive and recreational tours: "In the eye of the climate" , "Journey on the High seas" and "Mankind and Shores".

Current events

Explore "Grand Large"

Introduce your customers to the new 'Open Sea' experience in augmented reality, to see the giants of the High Seas !

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  • Up to 10% off

    the group rate from 20 people upwards

  • Easier access

    with a drop-off point and a dedicated queue-cutting desk

  • One free entry

    for every 20 paying tickets, and for the driver

  • Free parking area

    located at Quai Thurot, and a dedicated rest room

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