A committed center

Nausicaá, an aquarium with a mission.

Who we are?

  • Nausicaá, an Aquarium with a mission

    Nausicaá, National sea centre, is a scientific cultural centre that promotes awareness of the bond between Mankind and the Ocean.

  • Our team's activities and skills

    A passionate and dedicated team for the Ocean

  • Our CSR commitments

    Since 2018, Nausicaá has undertaken a CSR approach to roll out sustainable development practices.


  • Conservation and births at Nausicaá

    Preserving biodiversity is the focus of Nausicaá's mission.

  • Conservation in the field

    Preserving species in their natural habitat

  • Endowment fund at Nausicaá

    Help preserve the ocean by becoming a sponsor with the Nausicaá endowment fund.

Awareness raising

  • Mr. Goodfish

    "Choosing the right fish is good for the sea and good for you."

  • European and international projects

    Nausicaá is a partner in European, collaborative, scientific and research projects.

  • 2024 a crucial year for the deep seabed

    This year, Nausicaá is taking you on a journey to discover the mysteries of the abyss

Innovate for our blue planet

  • Blue Living Lab

    An open innovation platform created and hosted by Nausicaá, dedicated to a sustainable blue economy.