Visit rules


Visit rules

Our task and aim is to give complete satisfaction to our visitors throughout their visit. Visitor safety is vital and our security department and visitor reception staff constantly make adjustments in line with government recommendations and the constraints inherent in Nausicaá’s development. All of our teams are trained and taught how to evacuate or contain the public in the event of malicious acts, fires or terrorist attacks.


To ensure that their visit goes as smoothly as possible, we kindly ask the public to carefully read the instructions in our visitor regulations which will exist in French, English and Dutch.

Article 1 : General regulations

These regulations are implemented by the members of staff who are empowered to enforce their provisions by giving instructions to visitors. If they are not obeyed, and especially where identified breaches endanger the safety of property and people, the Nausicaá team will determine whether the person or persons in breach should be excluded.

The ticket desks are closed 1 hour and 30 minutes before the Centre closes.

The Centre has to close completely during certain periods of the year for works and maintenance, these periods are specified on the website:

In the event of excessive visitor numbers, problems or any situation that endangers the safety of persons and property, ticket sales may be partially or fully stopped, or admissions to the Centre may be stopped, or the Centre may be partially or fully closed at any time of day, or the opening hours may be changed. No refunds for admission tickets can be claimed under this article.


Tickets and any other entitlements are non-exchangeable, non-refundable, revocable and void if altered. A ticket must be used by the same person during its period of validity. Tickets are valid for a single admission only. Visitors are asked to show the pass allowing them to leave and re-enter the Centre (see the accepted times). Reselling tickets on site and/or on the Internet or in any other location is prohibited.


No commercial activity may take place inside the building without Nausicaa’s consent.


a) Respect for the premises

Do not create graffiti or inscriptions or mark, soil or damage any part of the Centre. Any person who is caught in the act of doing so may be removed from the premises with no entitlement to a refund. The Centre reserves all rights to take legal action. Do not throw anything into the tanks. Do not suspend anything above the tanks.


b) Behaviour

• Visitors must not run.

• Visitors must wear appropriate daywear in all

• For the comfort of our visitors, it is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes or any other item which gives off vapour anywhere in the Centre, including in the open parts of the tour route.

• Visitors must give priority to persons with reduced mobility in places which are reserved for their use.

• Visitors must not disturb other visitors with any noisy behaviour, including by listening to radio or MP3 devices.

• Visitors must not spit into the water in tanks or on the ground or throw away pieces of chewing gum.


c) Safety

• Do not leave children unsupervised, otherwise Nausicaá cannot be held liable. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a visitor aged 18 or over to enter the Centre and go on the tour. Any lost children will be handed over to a host(ess) who will take them to the entrance hall of the building in the reception area.

• Do not take pushchairs into the seating area around the sea lions.

• Do not go on the escalators with a child in a pushchair. Do not use the escalators in a reckless manner, including by going up or down them in the wrong direction, sitting on the handrails or steps or trying to slow the handrails down.

• Do not go past safety barriers; do not sit or hold onto guardrails and railings or place children on projecting edges.

• Do not lean or cause a child to lean over the surface of the water.

• Obey all signs giving instructions and special prohibitions which are placed along the visitor route.

• Report any accidents, illness of a person or abnormal events to a security guard. In the event of illness or an accident, victims will be treated by the Centre’s security department. It is forbidden to move an ill or injured person, make them drink or administer any medicines to them before the emergency services arrive. If a visitor who is a doctor, nurse or first aider intervenes upon proving their capacity, they will stay with the ill or injured person until the latter is evacuated; they will be invited to give their name and address to the security officer who is present on the premises.

• Do not obstruct access routes for firefighters, fire hydrants and more generally equipment contributing to the safety of the site, the buildings and the public for any reason whatsoever.

• If a fire starts, it is essential to remain as calm as possible. Everyone will be required to assist the staff where assistance from visitors is required, in accordance with article R642-1 of the Penal Code.

• All persons and all bags, packages or other items may be required to undergo a security inspection at the entrance to the Centre or inside it, according to the circumstances or in response to requests made by public authorities.

• We reserve the right to forbid visitors to bring bags, packages or other items into the Centre. These two clauses may be incorporated into the article below.

Article 2 : Prohibited items

• Equipment with wheels, such as skateboards, bicycles, skates or shoes with wheels incorporated into them.

• Pushchairs which exceed the following dimensions: 92 cm x 132 cm (36 inches x 52 inches). Baby carriers (front and back) may be borrowed in exchange for a form of ID in the reception area in the entrance hall. Baby buggies of dimensions which are suitable for the tour may be hired subject to availability.

• Any kind of trailer or trolley.

• Suitcases, iceboxes and rucksacks, with or without wheels, which exceed the following dimensions: 61 cm (L) x 38 cm (W) x 46 cm (H) (24 inches x 15 inches x 18 inches).

• Alcoholic beverages or any illegal substance.

• Weapons of any kind, or items which can be used as weapons (even if they are fake or harmless), and any dangerous object or product.

Article 3 : Animals

Pets or other animals are prohibited, with the exception of approved assistance animals (e.g. dogs). Assistance animals must be kept under the control of their owner at all times, on a leash or harness.



Article 4 : Use of cameras and video cameras

• Do not use flashes.

• Professional photography, filming and the recording of radio or television programmes are only permitted with special prior authorisation from the head of the PR/Press Department and/or the Manager.

• Do not use selfie sticks (a handheld extension pole used to hold cameras and mobile devices).

Article 5 : Respect for creatures and the facilities

Visitors are asked:

• Not to bang on the glass of tanks and enclosures, and not to use any items or products which may damage them (keys, jewellery, perfume, etc.).

• Not to throw projectiles against the glass of tanks or move any sources of heat close to them (lighter flames, lamps with a hot source).

• Do not throw or drop anything into tanks or enclosures (paper, litter, coins, etc.), and if this happens, report it immediately to a member of our visitor reception staff.

• Do not shout or make noises that may frighten the creatures.

• Do not dazzle the creatures with flashes, laser pointers, lights such as torches or mobile phones.

• Do not ill-treat or make sudden movements towards creatures which you may touch, or take them out of water. Do not attempt to hold back a creature which is trying to move away, or block its path.

• Do not feed the creatures. Do not go through barriers and animal enclosures. Do not try to touch the sea lions (there is a risk of being bitten).

• Do not immerse any parts of your body other than your hands in the tanks that are reserved for this purpose.

Article 6 : Hygiene

• Do not eat or drink outside the designated areas (restaurants, picnic rooms, bars).

• Do not leave food residues or packaging lying around. A large number of selective sorting bins for litter and rubbish are available to visitors. Do not throw chewing gum away or stick it onto anything.

Article 7 : Personal belongings

Visitors are responsible for their personal belongings, including clothing, bags, glasses, cameras, etc. without recourse against Nausicaá in the event of disappearance or damage.

Article 8 : Arrangements for groups

• For greater visitor comfort and in order to spread group visits out over the day, prior booking is mandatory for groups of 20 or more people, including the group leader or accompanying guide. Direct groups cannot benefit from a commercial agreement such as TO rates or deferred payment (customer debit).

• Groups are admitted to the Centre when an entry ticket for every member of the group is shown at the access control point. Upon arrival, the group leader must go to the group ticket desk on his/her own with confirmation of the booking which was sent to them beforehand. (S)he must present a means of payment and a form of ID if paying by cheque. (S)he must know the actual number of people in the group. No refunds will be given for any surplus tickets purchased. (S)he will be told when his/her group can come into the

• Independent group visits shall be led by a leader who undertakes to ensure that all of these regulations are obeyed and to guarantee group discipline.

• Under no circumstances may visitors in a group disturb other visitors. Every member of the group must stay close to the leader.

Responsibility for school groups lies with their teacher(s) and/or accompanying person(s), who must ensure that their pupils behave themselves.

Article 9 : Behind-the-scenes tour

• Behind-the-scenes tours of Nausicaá are possible for groups of up to 20 people who are at least 8 years of age, by reservation.

• This tour is led by a handler from the Animation Department and is subject to special visitor regulations which will be communicated to you when it begins.

Article 10 : Wi-Fi

NAUSICAÁ offers free Wi-Fi. In accordance with Law no. 2006-6 of 23 January 2006, NAUSICAÁ keeps connection data for 12 months (Decree 2006-358). Internet browsing is filtered by software which limits or prohibits access to certain websites (pornography, gambling, violence, racial discrimination, phishing websites, piracy, etc.).


NAUSICAÁ declines all liability for services accessible via the Internet which have not been filtered and has no obligations with regard to the nature of the Internet network (technical performance levels, times taken to respond, view, query or transfer information, disconnections during use, etc.).


In addition, users undertake to use the Wi-Fi and Internet services:

• In accordance with the laws on the protection of minors (articles 227-23 and 227-24 of the Penal Code).

• In accordance with the laws on copyrights and related rights (Intellectual Property Code).

• In accordance with the laws concerning computerised data processing, files and freedoms (articles 323-1 to 7 of the Penal Code).

• In accordance with the laws concerning the protection of privacy including the right of other persons to their image.