Conservation in the field

Preserving species in their natural habitat

Nausicaá has always been committed to protecting marine biodiversity, and is involved in numerous projects to conserve animal species in-situ in collaboration with associations working in the field.

In 2018, the Nausicaá Endowment Fund was created to contribute to funding these actions and to take action as close as possible to endangered species in their natural habitat.

our conservation initiatives

In-situ conservation actions

Protection of Manta Rays

The manta ray is an iconic and highly vulnerable species. One of the world's largest populations of the species is believed to be migrating from Ecuador to the waters of northern Peru, where it is a victim of accidental fishing.

Nausicaá supports the Planeta Oceano association, which strives to preserve the species through research, education and environmental awareness-raising activities with local stakeholders.

great manta ray

Protection of African penguins

Vulnerable to threats from human activities and predators, the number of breeding pairs has fallen from 70,000 to less than 17,700 in 50 years.

Nausicaá supports the SANCCOB association for the preservation and rehabilitation of oiled, injured, sick or orphaned seabirds in South Africa.

baby penguins released in south africa
baby penguins released in South Africa

Restoration of coral reefs

The Maldives coral reef is highly impacted by warming waters and human activities. By the end of the 1990s, almost 90% of the corals had died off.

Nausicaá supports The Coral Planters and Coral Guardian associations that restore coral reefs using innovative techniques and long-term scientific monitoring.

Protecting biodiversity in the high seas

Malpelo Island, off the coast of Colombia, is home to a vast marine sanctuary, populated by an astonishing diversity of species: hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, rays, groupers.

Nausicaá supports the Malpelo Foundation, whose mission is to protect Colombia's marine and coastal ecosystems through scientific research, education and conservation.

malpelo island

Protection of seals

The presence of marine mammals on the Opal Coast is a testimony to the richness of nature and attracts many tourists and nature lovers. For specialists, these animals also indicate that the ocean is in good health, hence the importance of observing and studying them.

Nausicaá supports the Coordination Mammalogique du Nord de la France (CMNF) association, which is active in the field to study these animals and raise public awareness of the need to protect wild mammals in our region.

Protection of marine turtles

In the Mediterranean Sea, where biodiversity is exceptional, there are more than 1,200 protected areas, which represent 7% of its surface, but the lack of human and financial resources means that they cannot be managed effectively.

Nausicaá provides financial support for The Med Fund association to support the management of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean and to preserve marine turtles.

caretta caretta

Take action to protect marine biodiversity

To take action to preserve endangered species, the Nausicaá Endowment Fund provides financial support to associations working in the field by appealing to the general public and committed companies for donations.

our conservation initiatives

Voice-over: "What we are doing here helps our partners to preserve them in their natural habitat. Understanding animals that are growing up here, helps them to do a better job of protecting them in their natural habitat. Our commitment at Nausicaá is to improve public awareness of ocean preservation."

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