Our CSR commitments

Since 2018, Nausicaá has undertaken a CSR approach to roll out sustainable development practices.

A daily commitment to the Ocean

Nausicaá raises the general public's awareness to issues relating to the future of the ocean and encourages them to take action and adopt positive measures to preserve marine resources and combat global warming.


CSR is an excellent tool for rallying teams to adopt daily actions that promote the preservation of our environment.

Christophe Sirugue, general manager

Scope of action

  • Responsible purchasing and reduction of impacts

  • Local roots

  • Ethics & accountability

  • Quality of life at work

Since 2018, Nausicaá has bolstered this original mission by committing to a CSR approach with the aim of adopting sustainable development practices in all its activities. These involve both Nausicaá's team in their activities as employees, as well as the measures and actions introduced in managing the centre on a daily basis.

From the tanks to the restaurant, not forgetting the shop, Nausicaá is dedicated to conducting a responsible, ethical and sustainable activity defined in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard.

Nausicaá was involved in the development of the Fondation de la Mer's SDG 14 Ocean Standard to create targeted actions and indicators to measure and reduce the impact on the marine environment.

Nausicaá was awarded the Responsible Economy Trophy in the "Organisation" category in 2022, created by the Réseau Alliances, a benchmark for committed entrepreneurship in the Hauts-de-France region.

Everyday actions

  • Animal feed

    Zero food waste

  • Waste

    26 metric tons composted in 2019

  • Energy

    "Ecoliane" urban heating network

  • Water

    Water recycling for scrubber-driers

The actions introduced throughout Nausicaá, both in its services and in the areas accessible to the public, play a fundamental role in the centre's CSR action plan.

A few examples:

  • Thanks to a partnership with the Delanchy Group, no food is wasted; any goods that cannot be delivered or taken out of the distribution circuit are used to feed the animals.
  • Nausicaá's waste is recycled to the fullest extent possible, whether it is biowaste that is used to produce compost and biogas, or plastics and scrap metal (1,738 tonnes recycled in 2021).
  • The energy is renewable and 100% sourced locally; 75% of the heat needed to heat the centre and the water in the tanks comes from internally recycled energy, 25% is supplied by the Boulonnais heating network.
  • The shop prioritises products that respect the marine environment, eco-responsible packaging, fair and responsible trade and products made in France; it also offers a zero waste product line.
  • At Nausicaá, the catering services opt for cuisine made on the spot with responsible products that are sourced locally. The selection of seafood products on the menu reflects the recommendations of the Mr.Goodfish programme.


The team's commitment

Every day, actions are taken within the company, and measures and solutions are proposed that adhere to Nausicaá's values and are part of an approach that is both environmental and societal.

  • For example, the "Empty your mailbox" operation regularly reminds us of the environmental impact of sending electronic messages, their toll on servers and the associated energy consumption.
  • There are more and more actions! Office life is synonymous with coffee! Used coffee pods are recovered and recycled.
  • Our handlers' wetsuits are sent for recycling and given a second lease of life to a company in Brittany that uses this material in its textile production.
  • Soft mobility exists at Nausicaá: electric bicycles are available to travel short distances. Employees are encouraged and given support in using carpooling or public transport. The introduction of teleworking also helps reduce employee journeys.