Blue Living Lab

An open innovation platform created and hosted by Nausicaá, dedicated to a sustainable blue economy.

What is it?

A living laboratory? An incubator? What is a living lab? What does it do? The Blue Living Lab is a support programme to accelerate your projects, build partnerships, and provide access to infrastructures and expertise dedicated to the ocean.

Fishing and aquaculture, tourism, transport, health, pollution control, biotechnologies, seafood processing, education and communication technologies, since 2020 the Blue Living Lab has provided support for start-ups, companies, students and researchers in developing projects that are in line with the Blue Society.

The Blue Living Lab does more than just provide incubation support, it is an open innovation and experimentation platform, directly connected to the general public and the Nausicaá communities. The Blue Living Lab aims to support innovation so that companies can benefit from the centre's unique knowledge and expertise in maritime economy and ocean-related research on a regional, national and international scale.

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  • Develop your project

    with expert entrepreneurs

  • Try out your innovations

    And test them with visitors

  • Network

    and develop your blue economy network.

  • Interchange your skills

    and share your expertise with other project leaders.


Being in a structure like the Blue Living Lab provides reassurance and gives the opportunity to take things further.

Jérémy Gobé, Corail Artefact

When incubated in several projects, we can see the potential synergies to construct truly collective solutions.

An incubator programme unique in Europe

Who is this programme for?

  • Citizen: Are you a committed citizen, a serial entrepreneur, a student who wants to take action, or a visionary researcher?
  • Company: Are you an innovative company, an association that wants to change the world, or a smart community?

Submit your project: Do you have an idea or do you have a project that provides an innovative solution to identified requirements? Does your project promote the emergence of a blue society? Does it have a high and positive impact on the environment, on society and on the territory? Do you need to put this project into perspective with the general public and experts, while receiving good support?

An exceptional working environment

A 100-m² co-working area hosted by a science centre located in the heart of northern europe, which includes a fully equipped co-working area, broadband internet, free access 7 days a week, a cafeteria with a sea view, printer, coffee and snacks.

How much does it cost?

Support from the Blue Living Lab team along with access to the co-working area and Nausicaá's infrastructure (visiting space + tanks) is set at €200 per month.

Services and tools to develop your project

  • Mentoring
  • A toolbox that can be deployed to suit your needs
  • Exclusive events
  • Links with Nausicaa's eco-system
  • Market research with our visitors implemented through our interactive space "the Blue Society Forum"
  • Tanks available for use as an experimental area
  • Co-design workshops organised

A vast range of services is available to help you develop your project.

New incubees

Weenav, Pictum, Spot and Lineup Ocean are the latest projects to receive the support of the Blue Living Lab.

Lineup Ocean

LINE UP OCEAN is focusing on coastal resilience, helping coastal communities to adapt to climate change and human impacts.

Their nature-based hybrid solutions protect property, restore marine ecosystems and encourage eco-responsible activities, thereby pushing back the boundaries of coastal protection for the well-being of people and marine life.

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Weenav, sailing in its purest form

Weenav is redefining the future of sailing, transforming combustion engine-powered boats into bespoke electric or hybrid masterpieces. By combining our passion for the sea with cutting-edge innovation, we are committed to a cleaner, more sustainable nautical future.

Our exclusive collaboration with the European Space Agency has given rise to WeeSafe, a guarantees of environmentally-friendly sailing, but also of safety and performance.

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VISIOON is developing a tool called “Pictum” that will enable visitors to identify species in aquariums in real time using artificial intelligence.

VISIOON is more than just a simple identification tool: it is a full-scale activity designed to get visitors actively involved in their journey while having fun, and to put the spotlight on certain species.

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SPOT is a free application promoting the historical, cultural and oceanic heritage of a region, using a fun way to (re)discover or explore its most emblematic places.

Users collect rewards linked to the SPOTs they have discovered by accumulating successes and other ranks thanks to a rarity and difficulty system, and by proposing new SPOTs to earn even more rewards.

Incubated start-ups at the Blue Living Lab

Corail Artefact and BentiX are two projects incubated at the Blue Living Lab in 2021.

Corail Artefact

Innovation for the restoration of coral reefs

With this project, Jérémy Gobé aims to develop biodegradable structures and supports with no impact on the marine environment for coral cuttings.

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Operate at sea with a 3D printed underwater drone

The BentiX, an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) underwater drone, is a new prototype of a mobile robot that can carry out complex missions in hostile, challenging and difficult to access environments, using 3D printing.

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Le Blue Living Lab

Food/ Health/ Housing/ Employment/ Transport/ Leisure

The future of mankind lies within the ocean.

The ocean is a source of solutions. Nausicaá supports innovation and has created the BLUE LIVING LAB, the only incubation programme of its kind in Europe.

Tailor-made support inside and "beyond the four walls". A place where project leaders and visitors can interact.

An opportunity to dialogue with future users. Rethink our lifestyles and limit our environmental footprint.

A third place dedicated to open innovation.

With the Blue Living Lab, Nausicaá is getting involved and becoming an accelerator of change.

With the support of BPI France and the HAUTS-DE-FRANCE region