BentiX is an innovative ROV underwater drone project incubated at Nausicaa's Blue Living Lab in 2022.

Blue innovation: operating at sea with an underwater drone

BentiX is one of the projects incubated in the Blue Living Lab at Nausicaá.

How can we get to hard-to-reach locations underwater?

The BentiX, an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) underwater drone, is a new prototype of a mobile robot that can carry out complex missions in hostile, challenging and difficult to access environments.

It is the first fully 3D printed underwater drone made from sustainable polymer. Using 3D printing, small structures can be fitted out at low cost and parts can be replaced as required.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be used in a number of applications: underwater operations, detection and inspection.

This affordable pocket version is ergonomic, compact, light and easy to carry.

The user can control the drone by wire using 4 motors and have live video feedback on the LCD screen, which is located on the remote control unit, with data from the various sensors to navigate in optimal conditions.

Bentix, an underwater drone

Nausicaá's expertise

Nausicaa and the Blue Living Lab are supporting BentiX to improve its prototype and enable it to conduct tests on buoyancy, watertightness and resistance to marine currents in the tanks.

Nausicaá and the Blue Living Lab are supporting innovative projects that hold solutions for the future of the planet.

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The Blue Living Lab is a support programme to accelerate your projects, build partnerships, and provide access to infrastructures and expertise dedicated to the ocean.

The Blue Living Lab is the new open innovation platform created, powered and hosted by Nausicaá. It is an incubator dedicated to the blue and sustainable economy, which provides support for the development of your project.


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