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h2O: source2sea

Improve water quality from the source to the sea.

What is the H2O: Source2Sea project?

Pas-de-Calais and Kent in England face the same issues and challenges regarding water resources and their quality. Both regions are regularly hit by floods, and increasingly by prolonged periods of drought.

Both phenomena are likely to become more frequent and extreme due to climate change.

Through the H2O:Source2Sea project, partners will promote natural methods to improve water quality and its management, from the source to the sea, and to address the challenges of climate changes.


The H2O:Source2Sea project has been funded by the Interreg France-Channel-England, a European Union programme 2014-2023, set up to foster economic development in the south of the UK and the north of France.

The aim of the H2O:Source2Sea project was to fulfil the ambition of the Interreg programme to improve and protect transitional and marine habitats in the English Channel using natural solutions. By implementing natural flood and drought management methods, the aim was to demonstrate the potential of nature-based solutions to reduce the costs associated with water management, while improving water quality, reducing pollution, and benefiting wildlife and local communities.

The project partners have implemented nature-based solutions at pilot sites in the catchments of two rivers flowing into the English Channel: the Stour in England, and Authie in France.

Nausicaá's involvement

By participating in this project, Nausicaá is supporting the rehabilitation of local ecosystems. This is also part of a sustainable development approach and the fight against climate change.

Drawing on its expertise in scientific mediation, Nausicaá has produced an escape game and a serious game to raise public awareness through educational and fun activities and explanatory videos.

"Mission Clean Water" game

The H2O: Source2Sea project has resulted in the creation of an educational board game called "Mission Clean Water", which focuses on nature-based solutions and is aimed at children aged 12 and over.

This collaborative game helps players understand the impact of climate change on water quality.

The free game is available on loan from Nausicaà and in Print & Play! To receive printable files, contact  

funding and partners

This programme was set up to encourage economic development between the south of the UK and northern France.

The programme provides funding to help partnerships reap the full benefits of cross-border cooperation. The projects that are funded must be innovative and have a sustainable cross-border impact.

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    Funding and partners

    The European Interreg France (Channel) England Programme is supporting the project with 69% of the total budget. The total cost of the project is €2,496,348.60; the ERDF share is €1,722,480.51.

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    H2O project partners: Source2Sea.

What is the H2O: Source2Sea project?

Our planet is changing, and it is changing fast. With global warming, it is getting hotter and hotter. And the ocean is changing: sea levels are rising, storms are becoming more intense, floods come after heat waves… When it comes to these destructive phenomena, shores are in the front line. In France, the UK and elsewhere, areas that generally attract little attention are playing a key role in mitigating the impacts of climate change. These are coastal marshes and wetlands. These coastal wetlands form the interface between the sea and the land. And in the face of climatic risks, they represent an effective natural form of protection. The objective of the H2O: Source2Sea project, funded by the European Interreg France (Channel) England programme, is to demonstrate the importance of these wetlands. How? By testing natural solutions right in these areas in Hauts-de-France and Kent, England, to cope with flooding, drought and the challenges of climate change. We all have a role to play!

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