TEAM for Ocean

Working together to preserve the Ocean!

We are all in this together!

The Ocean is essential in maintaining the global ecological balance and regulating climate change. Preserving it means preserving our own future. The Ocean needs our help, it needs the whole of society to commit to change.

Being aware is a good start, taking action together is better!

TEAM for Ocean was set up to accelerate the change needed to preserve the Ocean, humanity’s shared resource, through citizen-inspired or citizen-driven actions.

team for ocean festival in nausicaa's gardens in 2022


TEAM for Ocean supports and accompanies citizen engagement in order to turn ideas into initiatives!

By mobilising and uniting, in support of these initiatives, all the potential, expertise & skills, and ambitions & energies of the French Opal Coast, of its businesses, associations, citizens, and stakeholders from the cultural, education, and social sectors, as well as from local government, science, and the media, etc.

By creating the right conditions to empower citizens to shape a sustainable future for the Ocean.

Experimental projects

“Promoting active citizenship at school”

Since 2019, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Education and its local partners, Nausicaá has encouraged young people to join forces to promote sustainable management of the Ocean and its resources.

Students are at the helm, as truly ambitious entrepreneurs of the Ocean, they decide on the theme of their project and how it will take shape. Sustainable consumption of seafood produce, the war on plastic pollution, the design of glues based on by-products from the fishing industry, etc.

There is no shortage of subjects to inspire these young heroes of the sea!

As and when required, Nausicaá mobilises researchers, the appropriate educational resources and operational partners to work with groups of pupils on their projects throughout the school year.

The priority: speed up the transition from concepts to action!

TEAM for Ocean festival at Nausicaá

In 2022, to mark World Oceans Day on the 8th of June each year, Nausicaá organised the TEAM for Ocean festival in collaboration with the project’s leading partners: Accima, CPIE Flandre Maritime, Nature Libre et Rivages Propres.

The aim of this first edition of the festival was to showcase citizen initiatives, their creators and all the people who have been instrumental in turning them into reality for over a year. The local TEAM for Ocean movement supports citizen initiatives, whether they involve schools or individuals.

affiche festival team for ocean 2022

Festival 2023

Developed through a participatory approach, the programme aims to provide answers to these questions: Why should we take action for the Ocean? How can we take action? And how can we accelerate change by involving citizens who are committed to protecting the Ocean?

To build on this momentum, the second edition of the festival was staged in the gardens of Nausicaá during the Ocean Month in June 2023.

affiche TFO 2023

Why should we take action for the Ocean?

The Ocean is essential in maintaining the global ecological balance and regulating climate change. Preserving it means preserving our future...

Through workshops, events and exhibitions, visitors will be able to understand the fragile balance of the Ocean and our responsibility to keep it in good health. Inspiring activities that will undoubtedly inspire people to take action and get involved for the Ocean...

How can we do our bit for the Ocean?

Each and every one of us can become a catalyst for change at our own level, as a citizen, in our neighbourhood, in our company, at school, using our skills, our knowledge, our expertise and our determination!

Exhibitors, young and old, will be showcasing alternative ways of consuming, eating and living... And you will have the chance to discover some outstanding initiatives, citizen actions and projects being conducted by almost 500 students who have signed up to Team for Ocean.

Working together for actions that matter

Our ambition is to take collective action to accelerate and amplify the movement to preserve the Ocean! This is what Team for Ocean is all about.

There are plenty of solutions here to get things moving! Meetings, discussions, speed dating between project developers and facilitators... everyone will be able to contribute in their own way, and discover the structures dedicated to supporting and developing these projects.

This momentum is coordinated by Nausicaá, and co-constructed with Nature Libre, ACCIMA, Rivages Propres and CPIE Flandre Maritime.

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    Our partners

    This project is co-funded by the European Union with the European Fund for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Hauts-de-France Region as part of the GALPA Littoral Opale.