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In the Eye of the Climate

Climate change is real and is experienced every day: as you move through the exhibition, you will discover this phenomenon at its heart.

In the eye of the climate

Visitor Route


As soon as you enter, you'll be surprised by the view of a house about to fall off a cliff, the striking consequence of coastal erosion!

Living room

The climatic upheavals are a reality and can be experienced on a daily basis here, or in a polar landscape in Greenland or in the forests of South America.

African penguins

Meet Nausicaá's African penguins, born thanks to our conservation programmes. These birds from the other end of the world are suffering from the effects of climate change.
Indeed, changing marine currents are forcing the penguins to swim further and further to find their food.

Immersive experience "In the eye of the climate"

So enter a climate observation teleportation module that will carry you away from the poles to the ocean, from the forest to the town, in a journey around our planet.
This great immersive show consisting of virtual images will take you to the heart of the ongoing upheavals.

Live the immersive and sensory experience

In the eye of the climate

Melting ice caps, rising sea levels, hurricanes, fires… a spectacular journey awaits you

The Ocean Mag

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In the spotlight

Nausicaá forum on the deep sea

Faced with the threat of deep-sea mining, we must join forces to protect the deep seabed!

Faune abyssale ifremer


Life in the depths: how do creatures in the abyss adapt to extreme living conditions?

What are the physical characteristics that allow them to survive in the depths of the ocean?


Reproduction and the preservation of biodiversity

At Nausicaá, reproduction is a necessary step for the preservation of biodiversity.