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Everything you want to know about sharks and are brave enough to ask!

Guided tour: the sharks at Nausicaá

Have you ever wondered: Are sharks really dangerous? Are there any sharks in France? What is the largest shark? And the smallest? Or even how many teeth do sharks have?

If your children keep asking you these questions and you're looking for the answers, then Nausicaá's special shark tour is just perfect for you!

Activities on the Journey

on the High Seas tour

Bring the whole family and explore the "Celebration at Malpelo" tale in search of the magnificent paintings of bioluminescent and phosphorescent animals drawn on the walls of the "Journey on the High Seas" exhibition.

In front of the giant viewing panel, come and watch the animals being fed in the large tank. Helped by a scientific mediator, learn to recognise the most emblematic species of the high seas.

A mediator introduces you to the different species living in the largest tank in Europe, inspired by the unique ecosystem of the island of Malpelo!

Feeding the manta ray, which can quickly rise to the surface to catch its food, is a truly unique experience!

Spend an hour with a mediator and learn all about the technical aspects and the technological prowess of the High Seas tank

Set off on a discovery of the High Seas, so little-known and inaccessible, to see the majestic animals that inhabit them thanks to a world-first augmented reality system in one of Nausicaá's most fascinating areas: the giant 100m2 viewing panel! Fitted with Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses that enhance your vision with unrivalled high-definition holograms of animals, enjoy an immersive, sensory and spectacular experience in the depths of Nausicaá.

To ensure that the species evolve in a healthy environment and so that you can watch them undisturbed, the keepers look after the inside of the aquariums and reveal secrets and facts as they dive!

Activities on the

Mankind and Shores tour

Learn all about the secret life of sea stars. This placid creature can in actual fact be a fearsome predator. Take a closer look at its unique techniques for survival.

The keepers answer your questions! These specialists in aquatic species spend their days looking after the welfare of the animals.

Is coral an animal? A plant? Or a mineral? Come and learn all about this superhero of the oceans, with its unique powers!

Kamini shares his incredible discoveries and his favourite moments at Nausicaá.

A documentary to be discovered at the "Mankind and Shores" Forum.

- duration: 26 min

Come and watch the species feeding in the Californian tank. The leopard sharks, rulers of this tank, play a vital role in the oceans. Come and find out which role that is!

Come and test your knowledge at the end of your visit! The species that inhabit the tanks, solutions to protect endangered species and even their habitats... it's the perfect opportunity to surpass yourself!

Programmes for all the family are shown several times a day.

Take a break and learn all about marine animals through documentary reports and personal accounts.

Don't miss a spectacular show in the rainforest: the feeding of the arowanas, fish that can leap more than a metre out of the water to capture their prey.

While the fish are being fed in the touch tank, listen to the keepers as they explain the different fish and their particular characteristics.

Every day, the team of keepers looks after the physical and mental development of the sea lions, by offering them a variety of activities throughout the day. A moment of complicity not to be missed!

Activities on the

In the Eye of the Climate tour

Become an expert on responsible fishing and seafood consumption. Designed by Mr. Goodfish and its partners: the FROM NORD producer organisation and the NGO Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Come and test your knowledge of the abyss and its inhabitants. We'll shine the spotlight on the secrets of the deepest depths. Make your mark by illustrating your favourite abyssal creature!

Are you a discerning consumer? Come and find out by taking part in an interactive quiz. In the company of a mediator, find out how to eat seafood responsibly whilst indulging yourself at the same time!

Learn all about the real impact of plastic on the ocean in an interactive quiz. A scientific mediator will be on hand to answer all your questions and suggest solutions and alternatives.