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Guided tour : The sharks at Nausicaá

A family experience that will enthral young and old alike and make your visit to Nausicaá an unforgettable experience.

Everything you want to know about sharks !

Have you ever wondered: are sharks really dangerous? Are there any sharks in France? What is the largest shark? And the smallest? Or even how many teeth do sharks have?

If your children keep asking you these questions and you're looking for the answers, then Nausicaá's special shark tour is just perfect for you!

For one and a half hours, you will be taken by a guide on two tours, Journey on the High Seas and Mankind and Shores, to discover amazing stories about sharks and, above all, the secrets of the sharks at Nausicaá. There are 500 species of shark in the seas around the world, so there's a lot of stories to tell!

A unique opportunity to learn that these magnificent animals at the top of the food chain are in fact vulnerable, and that their greatest threat is mankind.

Rates : Guided tour : The sharks at Nausicaá

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Adults (+ 12 years)
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Adults (+ 12 years):
Children (8 - 12 years)

Duration 1 h 30

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During the school holidays

(Zones B and C) Excluding July and August, weekends :10.45 am and 2.45 pm July and August: 10.45 am and 3.45 pm

Outside school holidays

10.45 a.m. every day


• Recommended for families with children aged 8 and over
• The tour lasts 1h30.
• Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the tour, in the lobby, next to the large sculpture of the Nausicaá logo.


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