Embark on your first tour of the world's seas

Mankind and shores

Passing through the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Tropics, the coast of California…

Mankind and Shores

The Visitor Routes

The Global Ocean

Enter the Mankind and Shores tour and discover the five oceans making up the Global Ocean.
Immersion guaranteed!

History of the islands

Embark for a faraway island and set out to discover exotic landscapes populated by astonishing animals. From island to island, the islanders share with you the challenges facing them.

The diamond

Get carried away by the magic of this diamond that gives pride of place to the silvery scales of the tuna.

Stopovers in the Mediterranean

Dive into the heart of a real wreck in the Mediterranean! You'll be able to watch the moray eels, seahorses, groppers and crayfish.

Journeys in the North Sea

You can discover the North Sea, at the gateway to Nausicaá, walking along the Opal Coast.
Learn more about the rich, but endangered, diversity that lives there!

The Californian tank

The waters of the Pacific contribute to regulating the global climate. During your visit discover the kelp that inhabits this space. It's the largest seaweed in the world: it can reach a length of up to 50m!

Tropical lagoon

A place where you can see hundreds of tropical fish in dazzling colours.
Currently closed for renovation.

The coral jungle

Colourful and living, corals are little animals that are essential for maintaining marine biodiversity.
You'll be enthralled by their shapes and colours - discover how important their restoration is!

The sea lions' tunnel

Advance through the sea lions' tunnel, immersed in a one-million litre tank! Let yourself be charmed by these animals with astonishing capabilities!

The touch pool

Experience a direct contact with the animals! Place your hand close to the surface of the water to stroke the pollack, rays and dogfish!
Above the touch tank, the Estuaires : vues du ciel, vies du sable exhibition invites visitors to discover the species that live there, from invertebrates to seals.

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At sea on-board the Thalassa

Live the unique experience of an oceanographic campaign on-board one of the Ifremer's research ships. From embarkation to the fish sorting room, you'll see how the scientists work!


Become an enlightened consumer of the produce of the sea! Via a Digital Food Bar, choose your fish on the stall and see how the whole sea produce sector is impacted!

The sunken forest

In the heart of the tropical forest, discover a theatrical and poetic staging that will take you on a dreamlike journey…
Inhabited by cayman and freshwater fish, the sunken forest reminds us that with each of our gestures we can preserve the diversity of life and thus preserve our future!

New from 20 September 2023

Estuaries: Bird’s eye views and Life in the sand

A new exhibition from 20 September to discover the life of this special environment.

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Mankind and Shores

Activity program

Feeding sessions, educational activities, experiences included with your ticket and proposed all day long to enrich your visit!

The Ocean Mag

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A la une

A treaty on biodiversity in the high seas

More than 80 states gathered at the United Nations in New York have already signed the international treaty on the protection of the high seas.

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LINEUP OCEAN in Nausicaá’s big tank

A dive into the big tank for LINEUP OCEAN, a startup incubated at Nausicaá’s Blue Living Lab!


Grey seal or common seal: how to recognise the seals on the Opal Coast

To observe the seals on the Opal Coast, it’s better if you know how to make the distinction between grey seals and common seals!