Sea lions activity

Area n° 15 on the "Mankind and Shores" tour.

Watch the sea lions in training!

Between taking a nap in the sun and playing in the water, it's time for the sea lions to get some exercise!

The trainers take care of the physical and mental well-being of the sea lions by offering them a range of activities throughout the day.

For their health, they practice medical training, which consists of getting them to accept being handled so that they can brush their teeth, listen to their heart rate, treat small wounds or even have an ultrasound examination.

The sea lions also need to expend their energy: the programme includes games, acrobatic jumps reproducing a lot of what happens in the natural environment, and above all, heaps of complicity.

Included with your ticket

2 times a day

The "sea lions in training" activity is included with your ticket. Just turn up at the sea lions' beach - area n° 15 on the "Mankind and Shores" tour at the time indicated in the schedule of activities.


Outdoor activity with limited number of places. During busy periods, we advise you to take your seats in the stands beforehand so that you can watch the show in the best possible conditions

The schedule is subject to change - please contact the Nausicaá crew for more information

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