Diving in the Diamond

Area 3 of the "Mankind and shores" tour

A diver amongst the fish

To ensure that the species evolve in a healthy environment and so that you can watch them undisturbed, the keepers look after the installations from inside the aquariums. Take a moment to watch these specialists as they reveal their secrets and share their details from the centre of the stage!

During this stage of Nausicaá's life, the divers have the opportunity to scour the tanks, and often find some surprising things to show you...

"Diving in the Diamond" is included with your ticket

Just turn up at the diamond - area no. 3 on the "Mankind ans shores" tour at the time indicated in the programme of events.

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10 things you need to know about jellyfish

Found in all the world's seas, the jellyfish intrigues and fascinates. But watch out, you might get burnt !

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Atlantic lookdowns from the breeding programme go to the aquarium in La Rochelle

On 15 July, 40 juvenile Atlantic lookdowns, born thanks to the partnership between Nausicaá and BioNaMeris, will be sent to La Rochelle.


The Banggaï cardinalfish, a real superdad!

In order to breed, the male Banggaï cardinalfish recovers the fertilised eggs and stores them in its mouth until they hatch.