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The new augmented reality experience

Grand Large

Meet the giants of the High Seas.

Grand Large :

An immersive, sensorial and spectacular experience

Set out to discover the high seas, so little-known and inaccessible, and meet the majestic animals that inhabit it, thanks to an augmented reality system – unique in the world – in one of Nausicaá’s most fascinating spaces: The Great Bay with its 100 sq.m window! Wearing a set of Microsoft HoloLens 2 smart glasses that augment your vision thanks to animal holograms with unrivalled definition, live an immersive, sensorial and spectacular experience in the heart of Nausicaá.

Emotions guaranteed for out-of-the-ordinary encounters.

The leatherback turtle will accompany you all along your journey bringing you into contact with breathtaking species such as the whale shark, giant jellyfish, not to mention Bryde’s whale.



Reservations for morning slots begin as soon as the doors open, until availability is exhausted. Reservations are closed as soon as the experience is fully booked.


Reservations for afternoon slots begin at 1pm. It is not possible to book an afternoon slot in the morning.


- For children aged 8 and over.
- Places are limited, so bookings must be made at the Info Point in the Nausicaá lobby.
- Accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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