Immersion in Malpelo

Come and contemplate on the magic of the largest tank in Europe

Inspired by the unique ecosystem of the island of Malpelo!

Take the time to immerse yourself in the depths of the Pacific Ocean and admire the incredible biodiversity of the island of Malpelo.

A mediator will introduce you to the different species that live there, including the mesmerising Oceanic Manta ray and the majestic sandbar shark. Studying the example of Malpelo will also give you a better understanding of the major issues currently at stake in the High Seas.

Included with your ticket

The "Diving in Malpelo" activity is included with your ticket. Just turn up at the Giant viewing panel - space n° 12 in the "Journey on the high seas" tour - at the time indicated in the schedule of activities.

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Reproduction and the preservation of biodiversity

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