Poisson roseau du Japon

Japanese armorhead

  Cold and temperate sea fish

Japanese armorhead

Identity card

Japanese armorhead

Scientific name:
Pentaceros japonicus
Year of description:
Steindachner, 1883
IUCN Status:
Least Concern

West Pacific Ocean, southern Japan, New Zealand and Australia.


Between 100 and 830 m, on the seamounts.


25 cm.



Japanese armorhead

The Japanese armorhead is called Tsubodai in Japanese.

Did you know?

Where can you find them?

The Japanese armorhead lives in Japanese waters; it is also found in the south of New Zealand and Australia and in the north-eastern waters of Taiwan.

How can you recognise them?

A small-scaled fish, the Japanese armorhead has a greyish-brown body with a lighter area on its belly. Younger fish have irregular dark markings on their bodies.

Where can I find it at Nausicaá?

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Japanese armorhead

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