Consume responsibly with Mr.Goodfish

To consume the produce of the sea at home or in a restaurant without harming the oceans and biodiversity, follow Mr.Goodfish's advice!

Consume responsibly

But who is Mr.Goodfish?

Mr.Goodfish is the name of a European programme initiated by Nausicaá and two other major aquariums (Acquario di Genova in Italy and Aquarium Finiterrae in Spain) whose goal is to raise your awareness regarding the responsible consumption of the produce of the sea.

When we say "you", we mean not only "you" the consumers looking at your screen, but also all the professionals (fishermen, fish processors, fishmongers, caterers…).

Endangered fish, or not?

Mr.Goodfish helps you choose fish that are not under threat of extinction, through awareness-raising campaigns, a website and a practical mobile app  giving you lists of fish recommended for each season according to their provenance, along with recipes for cooking them.

If the consumer chooses - even if it's only once a year - a fish recommended by Mr.Goodfish instead of another fish, this will have a positive impact on 20,000 tonnes of endangered species.

Mr.Goodfish is represented by a blue logo placed on the labels of the fishmongers' stalls and on the menus of restaurants and with all the professionals engaged in the initiative.

The best restaurants commit themselves

Good news: there are many restaurateurs - partners of Nausicaá - who play the game in the Boulogne area and everywhere in France. Some even propose special menus. This is the case of La Matelote  a famous Michelin-starred restaurant in Boulogne-sur-Mer, commited to the initiative since 2008, and whose Discovery menu has been approved by Mr.Goodfish. The other starred restaurant in the Boulogne area, La Liégeoise, the emblematic restaurant at the Hôtel Atlantic in Wimereux, is also very much committed. All the more so, as its menu consists for 90 % of produce of the sea. Let us also mention l’Ilot Vert in Boulogne-sur-Mer  and l’Hostellerie de la Rivière  in Saint-Etienne-au-Mont, two wonderful addresses that advocate gastronomic cooking full of flavours and respect for the environment. 

The gastronomic restaurants are not the only ones to be committed. The Boulogne area teems with brasseries and restaurants very much oriented towards fresh produce and short distribution networks. For them, Mr.Goodfish seemed obvious. This is the case for example for the Table de Nicolas and l'Escale in Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Clos des Brasseurs  inland in Samer. By launching this programme, Nausicaá has managed to mobilise all the players in this sector, so that from boat to fork, fishing is as responsible as possible. Mr.Goodfish is one of the many conservation initiatives taken by the aquarium.

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