How to choose an ecoresponsible restaurant in the Boulogne area

We can all act in favour of the environment. In our everyday lives, there are many things that allow us to make our contribution to the environment.

Consume ecoresponsibly, even on holiday!

You want to pursue your efforts and go on an ecological holiday? Eat out in ecoresponsible and committed restaurants: waste sorting and recycling, limited use of plastic, vegetarian or vegan meals proposed, collaboration with local farmers… Do not hesitate to find out about the anti-waste and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives put in place by the restaurants you are interested in. Some establishments have ecoresponsible labels, such as Ecocert which is based on the purchase of organic produce, Écotable and Green Food Label which measure the establishment's overall commitment, or Anti-Gaspi for those that combat food waste and strive for zero waste. Today, it is possible to use apps or websites listing the ecoresponsible restaurants:, The Place to Bio…

To be sure that the fish you consume is seasonal, the European programme Mr. Goodfish  provides you with advice via its website and app. From the fishmongers' stalls to the tables of the restaurants, the programme's members contribute to the conservation of endangered species by choosing fish whose stock levels are satisfactory. “Choosing the right fish, that's good for the sea, it's good for you”.

Nausicaá, the ideal place for lovers of ecoresponsible and green food!

You want to know more about the melting ice caps, rising sea levels and hurricanes? Head for Nausicaá and its immersive exhibition called 'In the eye of the climate'. In addition to living a unique experience, you'll understand that the climatic upheavals are a reality, and set out virtually to meet species such as sperm whales and narwhals. And you'll see how you can act at your level in your daily life.

After an effort, comes comfort! Nausicaá suggests you take a break in the heart of its restaurant, the Calypso. On the menu? Flavoursome produce from organic farms and/or carefully selected from local suppliers, such as Mr.Goodfish (fish caught in a responsible way, respectful of the environment), La Ferme du Vert (authentic artisan cheeses) or the Volailles de Licques (free-range poultry). Tasting of regional specialities, breakfast, afternoon tea… the restaurant welcomes you all day long and will satisfy all your desires. Carbonade beef stew, seafood gratin, not to mention fish & chips will delight kids and grown-ups alike.

Ecoresponsible restaurants that are worth the detour!

If you're on holiday in the Boulogne-sur-Mer region and you're looking for somewhere good to eat, you're in the right place. The restaurants on this list are all members of the Mr. Goodfish programme.

La Matelote is a hotel-restaurant situated just a stone's throw from Nausicaá. This establishment focuses on the sea: in particular, you'll be able to enjoy sustainably caught fish and seafood. Back of cod, fish soup, roast monkfish, oysters, wild turbot… So many good things to eat while discovering new flavours. You prefer meat? La Matelote will also be able meet your needs. And what if you learnt to cook like a chef? Tony Lestienne will give you some good advice and share his best recipes with you, and all that in a friendly atmosphere.

Le Carnot is situated in Wimereux, a seaside resort 5 km to the north of Boulogne-sur-Mer. There too, the quality is excellent in a brasserie spirit. Each day, the guests are served a selection of specialities: Welsh rarebit, mussels, seafood platters… The little plus? All the dishes are made with seasonal produce supplied directly by local farmers! And if you're looking for accommodation in the town of Wimereux, the Villa des 2 Caps hotel proposes authentic, friendly rooms.

La Liégeoise is a gastronomic restaurant also located in Wimereux. On the menu? Exceptional produce sublimated by the chef: Dublin bay prawns, snails, squabs, turbots not to mention red mullet!

La Plage is a restaurant just a two minute walk away from Nausicaá. This establishment cooks with fresh seasonal produce and works with regional and local farmers.

L’Escale is also opposite Nausicaá: every day it offers its customers traditional fare cooked with local produce.

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