Buy locally with the producers around Boulogne

See how can buy locally around Boulogne

Right in the heart of Pas-de-Calais, the Boulogne area is one of the biggest farming regions in France.

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Buy locally to support farming in the Boulogne area

The Boulogne region is specialised in the cultivation of tubers such as potatoes and sugarbeet. There are therefore a large number of farmers working in the Boulogne area and they are among the major players in the local economy. During your stay in this region and at the time of your visit to Nausicaá you will have the opportunity to discover the rich agricultural heritage of the Boulogne area through its authentic farm produce.

In these times of ecological urgency, consuming locally is a necessity if we are to preserve our wonderful planet. By preferring short distribution networks, thousands of kilometres of travel can be saved, and the corresponding pollution avoided. Eating locally also means supporting a region and appreciating quality produce, much more tasty than produce that has been shipped from the other side of the country or of the world. In the Boulogne area we are fortunate to enjoy a rich local production, so why do without it? The multiple farmers around Boulogne take you on a journey to discover authentic flavours, tasty fruit and vegetables grown with passion, and unique produce representing the region.

Where to buy local produce around Boulogne?

If you want to consume differently and responsibly during your stay in the Boulogne area, there's no shortage of farmers' markets ! The markets in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Wimereux, Le Portel, Équihen-Plage not to mention Hardelot are some of the go-to places for buying locally all year round. They give you access to the best local produce while allowing you to discover the impressive wealth of the terroir. There are also a number of summer and evening markets livening up the summer for the joy of tourists.

Before or after your visit to Nausicaá, why not reserve one or two mornings to visit the markets around Boulogne? You'll be able to discover all of this lovely region's gastronomic riches. The local artisans and shopkeepers await you at the market on Place Dalton in Boulogne, the market in Baincthun or the market in Saint-Martin-Boulogne to present their produce taken directly form the surrounding farms. Indulge yourself strolling around the stalls and get your fill of the delicious aromas. And because this will soon make your mouth water, don't forget your shopping basket so you can take some seasonal fruit and vegetables back home with you, along with some of the must-have specialities of Boulogne, such as the famous tarte au papin (egg flan), cheese, or Boulogne honey.

If you're for sustainable tourism and you want to buy local produce during your weekend or holidays in Hauts-de-France, direct farm sales outlets are commonplace in the Boulogne area, as are the specialist groceries where you'll be able to find authentic produce.

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Eat locally at Nausicaá: our commitment

Fewer intermediaries between farm and fork, means less pollution and a preserved planet. That's why Nausicaá is committed to promoting short supply networks in its catering offer. Indeed, in partnership with several farmers, most of the fresh produce proposed to its visitors in its restaurants is supplied directly by farms in the Boulogne area. Come to get a bite to eat at the Calypso Café, Tropical Lagoon Bar or Bistrot Côté Plage after your visit to the aquarium to enjoy our delicious dishes based on produce from our terroir. Our local suppliers work at our side to safeguard proximity farming, essential for protecting the environment while encouraging the local economy. Besides its restaurants, Nausicaá also demonstrates its commitment through its exhibitions with 'In the eye of the climate',  and enables its visitors to learn more about the coastline.

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