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The Calypso Self cafeteria

Take a break to get something good to eat: hot meals, snacks, sandwiches, crêpes...

With a stunning view of the sea, discover our selection of regional dishes and of great classics (burgers, salads). Don't miss out on our home-made Fish and Chips!

Eco-responsible approach*

Opening times: 9.30am - 6pm

Average price: €16,5


Mixed salads

Nordic salad

Smoked salmon, rollmops, herring, potatoes, chicory


Caesar style salad

Lettuce, penne pasta, chicken, capers, parmesan


Vegetarian salad

Wheat, feta, cucumber, dried fruit, chickpeas, croutons


Served with chips


Burger d’chez nous

Ground beef, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mimolette cheese sauce, barbecue sauce base


Veggie Burger

Veggie mince, guacamole, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, Fleur d’Audresselle cheese sauce


Duck confit pita bread

Duck confit, sesame, honey pita sauce, assorted raw vegetables


Our slow-cooked dishes

Land & Sea Gratin

Pancetta, smoked herring, potatoes, vegetables


Fish stew

Duo of seasonal fish, rice, mushrooms, carrots, beer sauce, gingerbread


At your fingertips

Fish & chips

Battered fish of the day, tartar sauce, served with chips.


Moules marinières

Mussels prepared with a marinière sauce (butter, shallots, white wine, parsley)