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All Saints' Holiday in Hauts de France

At the time of All Saints' there are two weeks of holidays for kids and teenagers, middle-school and high-school students.

Nausicaá, an exhilarating outing for all the family

A fortnight's rest, common to all the educational zones in France. An ideal opportunity for a family get-together. For the amazement of kids and grown-ups alike, choose to live a fun and educational experience, by plunging into the heart of the mysteries of the oceans!

During the All Saints' school holidays, whether you're on your own, with your partner or family, Nausicaá is the ideal place to travel through the seas around the world, in just one day!

From tropical lagoons, passing through the Mediterranean, the North Sea to the immensity of the high seas, take a moment to get away from it all!

Seize the opportunity of the school holidays to live an unforgettable trip through the marine world with different exhibitions and interactive events at the French National Sea Centre:

"Journey on the High Seas", the exhibition that will open the doors for you to mysterious, yet-to-be explored territories. Much more than a dive into the heart of the oceans, this tour, inspired by Malpelo Island, has been proposing an absolutely new and breathtaking event in front of the Great Tank since last summer. Called the "Grand Large", this augmented reality immersive experience takes you on a journey to meet the giants of the high seas. Those majestic, vulnerable animals, normally impossible to get close to… Co-produced by SAOLA Studio, this show is free and accessible to over-eights.

(re) discover the Mankind and shores exhibition

"Mankind and shores", tracks the links between mankind and the oceans since time immemorial. Embark on a discovery of the unique biodiversity of the mangroves and tropical forests, passing through a coral jungle to the coasts of the Mediterranean. You'll learn more about the importance of the sea for Mankind and the need to protect it.

"In the Eye of the Climate", you plunge into the heart of the harrowing reality of climate change. You'll see penguins, one of the many species that are suffering from the effects of ecological upheavals. You'll try out our teleportation module to become a witness of the essential role played by the oceans in the regulation of the climate. This original immersive show offers the opportunity to discover endangered species such as the harp seal, sperm whale, narwhal or squirrel monkey. At the end of this experience, leave with solutions for preserving the environment and living in a more ecological way.

Nausicaá proposes events for you all along the tour, such as the feeding sessions, dives by marine specialists and training the sea lions. You can also book a behind-the-scenes visit* or take part in a guided tour about Nausicaá's sharks*. You can see the detailed programme of these events on our website.

If you have a passion for the oceans and are interested in the job of animal keeper, Nausicaá invites you to spend a few hours walking in the footsteps of an animal keeper. This new paid experience will bring you closer to the daily lives of those who look after our animals every day.

*Activities in French

Some practical info for your All Saints' holiday

In order to make the most of your family outing, you will benefit from a 15% reduction for four tickets bought including one for an adult. And a reduced rate for seniors, students, job seekers and holders of a large-family card.

To prolong the young explorers' experience, there is a 10-page fun and educational booklet that accompanies you on your visit, proposed when you buy your ticket. At the end of your visit win a surprise at the shop thanks to this booklet.

Nausicaá places catering and relaxation spaces, left-luggage lockers, phone chargers, free WiFi connection, rental baby-carriers and pushchairs at your disposal.

During your All Saints' holidays, the French National Sea Centre is open every day from 9.30am to 6.30pm. The visit takes four and half hours on average, but this depends on you.


Set out to discover the high seas and the giants of the open seas thanks to an augmented reality device - unique in the world - imagined by SAOLA Studio, in front of the Journey on the High Seas exhibitions' large tank.