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crevette rimicaris Ifremer abysses

14 things you just have to know about the abyss


Find out more about what lies beneath the surface, all the way down to the farthest depths of the ocean.

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  • méduse dorée à nausicaa

    The jellyfish, a beautiful poisoner

    Biodiversity 9mn

    Fascinating, slimy, dangerous, elegant... There are many dif...

  • Module Lineup ocean dans le grand bassin de nausicaa

    LINEUP OCEAN in Nausicaá’s big tank

    Blue Innovation 3mn

    A dive into the big tank for LINEUP OCEAN, a startup incubat...

  • Remotely operated vehicle Deep Discoverer, Image courtesy of NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas

    The Mariana Trench, an adventure 11,000 ...

    Abyss 5mn

    Discover the deepest place on the planet!

  • Marine biomimicry

    Blue Innovation 11mn

    What inspires the invention of flexible microelectrodes or t...

  • Marine currents, the regulators of the c...

    The Ocean and the Climate 6mn

    Life on Earth cannot exist without the ocean.

  • IFREMER (2007). Morceaux de sulfures du site hydrothermal Logatchev. Ifremer.

    Moratorium, precautionary pause or ban o...

    Abyss 4mn

    What does the future hold for the abyss? Deep-sea mining up ...

  • Faune abyssale ifremer

    Nausicaá forum on the deep sea

    Abyss 4mn

    Faced with the threat of deep-sea mining, we must join force...

  • chaunacops Avec l'aimable autorisation du Schmidt Ocean Institute

    New species discovered in the seabed off...

    Abyss 3mn

    An oceanographic campaign has led to the discovery of about ...

  • milieu polaire

    Poles, glaciers and climate change

    Poles 5mn

    A look at why glaciers and the poles are important in the fi...

  • prodrones


    Blue Innovation 2mn

    Prodrones is working on seabed modelling using drone imagery...

  • Rising sea levels in France in 2040

    The Ocean and the Climate 5mn

    The rise in ocean temperature and the melting of ice is caus...

  • murène et crevette nettoyeuse

    Super-cleaning marine animals

    Biodiversity 2mn

    In the ocean, some species are cleaners, and offer their ser...