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What are the challenges for the COP 28?

The Ocean and the Climate

The 28th COP in Dubai will be the occasion for a first Global Stocktake 8 years after the Paris Agreement was signed.

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  • How does the ocean absorb carbon?

    The Ocean and the Climate 2mn

    The ocean plays a fundamental role in regulating the climate...

  • How many teeth do sharks have?

    Biodiversity 4mn

    A shark would be a dentist's worst enemy !

  • Humpback anglerfish

    Abyss 3mn

    You've heard of it, haven't you? Undoubtedly yes if you have...

  • méduse dorée à nausicaa

    The jellyfish, a beautiful poisoner

    Biodiversity 9mn

    Fascinating, slimy, dangerous, elegant... There are many dif...

  • Module Lineup ocean dans le grand bassin de nausicaa

    LINEUP OCEAN in Nausicaá’s big tank

    Blue Innovation 3mn

    A dive into the big tank for LINEUP OCEAN, a startup incubat...

  • Mariana Trench, 11 000 m under the sea

    Abyss 4mn

    The Mariana Trench is the deepest place on earth.

  • Marine biomimicry

    Blue Innovation 12mn

    What inspires the invention of flexible microelectrodes or t...

  • Marine currents, the regulators of the c...

    The Ocean and the Climate 6mn

    Life on Earth cannot exist without the ocean.

  • IFREMER (2007). Morceaux de sulfures du site hydrothermal Logatchev. Ifremer.

    A moratorium on deep seabed mining

    Abyss 2mn

    We know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about ...

  • milieu polaire

    Poles, glaciers and climate change

    Poles 5mn

    A look at why glaciers and the poles are important in the fi...

  • prodrones


    Blue Innovation 2mn

    Prodrones is working on seabed modelling using drone imagery...

  • Rising sea levels in France in 2040

    The Ocean and the Climate 5mn

    The rise in ocean temperature and the melting of ice is caus...