The Nausicaá endowment fund and la Brasserie Chromatique

The creation of a seaweed beer!

To take its mission to protect the ocean even further, Nausicaá has set up an endowment fund to help fund projects aimed at preserving and protecting the ocean and marine biodiversity. The activities of the endowment fund are based on 3 cornerstones:

• Preserving biodiversity

• Education and citizenship

• Research and innovation

For this reason, the Nausicaá endowment fund has joined forces with La Brasserie Chromatique to bring you a beer made with seaweed.

‘NEPTUNE’ seaweed beer is the fruit of a collaboration between the Nausicaá endowment fund and La Brasserie Chromatique. The seaweed and the supplier were chosen with the backing of the Valgorize programme, a European programme to promote the consumption of seaweed, in which Nausicaá was a stakeholder.  The chosen seaweed is Royal Kombu (also known as Neptune), supplied by Bio Océan, a company based in Brittany and specialising in the production of organic seaweed

Who is La Brasserie Chromatique?

La Brasserie Chromatique, a traditional brewery on the French Opal Coast, takes you on a journey of discovery through a whole spectrum of styles and flavours. Ephemeral beers are released every month alongside the 4 most popular beers, with recipes that are as original as they come.

A partnership for the benefit of the Ocean

For every litre sold, €1 is donated to the Nausicaá Endowment Fund for the Protection of the Oceans