The Great Deux-Caps Site: a must-see on the Opal Coast

Located 20 minutes to the north of the Nausicaá aquarium in Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Great Deux-Caps Site takes its name from Cap Gris-Nez and Cap Blanc.

cap gris nez

Lovely hikes around the Deux-Caps site

The Great Deux-Caps Site is in the Caps et Marais d’Opale Regional Nature Park and consists of eight districts, including Tardinghen, Ambleteuse, Wissant, and Wimereux . Not far from the village of Escalles, Cap Blanc-Nez is situated about twenty kilometres to the north-east of Cap Gris-Nez. Its summit serves as the departure point for a lovely hiking loop: head northwards passing inland, or start by following the beach (pay attention to the tides!) and return by the path along the clifftop.

To go to Cap Gris-Nez, you must set out from the district of Audinghen. If you want more information on this Great Site of France, go to the Maison du Site des Deux Caps, situated on the coast road. It houses a museum - suitable whatever your age - dedicated to the history of the site, and also proposes bicycles for hire.

Magnificent views from the top of the Deux-Caps

And what if you went to admire the view from the Deux-Caps site after your visit to the Nausicaá aquarium? Climb up to the Dover Patrol memorial which crowns the summit of Cap Blanc-Nez: it honours the courage of the English and French sailors who defended the Strait of Dover during the First World War. If you climb up to the obelisk in the late afternoon, you'll see a splendid sunset on the horizon.

The cliffs of Cap Gris-Nez are the closest point in France to Great Britain: when the weather's clear, they reflect the English cliffs 30 kilometers away across the sea like a mirror. By following the path that goes down onto the beach below Cap Blanc, you will be able to admire the white reflections of the chalk with which it is strewn. As for Cap Gris-Nez it consists of sandstone, which gives it its darker colouring. If you like heady sensations, head for the Marck Aerodrome to take a flight in a light aircraft over the Great Site. A great way to forge some lasting memories!

Staying close to the Great Deux-Caps Site

If you want to make the most of your visit to Nausicaá and also go to admire the must-see Great Deux-Caps Site, the ideal would be to book one or more nights in one of the gîtes dotted around the Opal Coast. Whether you prefer a house of charm, a gîte, a guest room or a 3* hotel, you'll easily find the ideal place to stay somewhere between the aquarium and the nature park. The Holiday Inn in Coquelles  delights families with its great 4-hectare park and fitness centre. More intimate, the Alex Factory guest rooms where you'll be able to share some authentic friendly moments in an establishment respectful of the environment.

Le Canville, a former farm , in the middle of an immense garden, is also very popular. If you prefer somewhere close to the beach, opt for a villa with a seaview near Équihen, in the Evancy holiday residences . A bit further north, a few kilometres from Wissant bay, there's the 3* La Villa des 2 Caps hotel , ideally situated in the heart of the Wimereux seaside resort.

You want to take your time to discover Nausicaá?

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