Boulogne-sur-Mer: near Nausicaá, wander along the shores of the Opal Coast

A resort with multiple facets! Both a city of art and history, and the Number One French fishing port, Boulogne-sur-Mer has a lot to offer.

Two thousand years of history

It would be difficult to enclose Boulogne-sur-Mer in a box, so many are the different faces presented by this city. For the visitor, every passion and every whim is permitted!

You're interested in history and heritage sites? You're sure to be dazzled by the Upper Town. A basilica with its unique, not to say unconventional, architecture that conceals the biggest crypt in France, a 13th century castle surrounded by ramparts housing one of the region's most beautiful museums, a UNESCO World Heritage Site belfry, not to mention its maze of picturesque little alleyways, its lively squares and charming gardens… Rich with 2,000 years of history, the Upper Town is a veritable open-air museum.

A shopping district and an international fishing port

If you're planning to take a gourmet break or do a spot of shopping, head for the city centre! The pedestrian streets are brimming with good and lovely addresses. From major retailers to little artisan boutiques, there's something for everyone! 

As for the lower town, it lives to the rhythm of the fishing port. And not just any old port: the Number One! The leading French fishing port with a fleet of nearly150 boats, the port of Boulogne is a town in its own right. More than 70 different species of fish are landed every day and sold at auction. From the catch to transformation, from commercialisation to distribution of the produce of the sea, from training to research & development… Boulogne-sur-Mer is home to all of the sector's activities. On the quayside, in the inevitable aubettes (fish stalls), you can buy and enjoy the produce on which the Boulogne fishermen's fame is based!

place dalton à boulogne sur mer

The banks of the Liane

From the port and the Nausicaá gardens you can also go to the newly laid out banks of the Liane. Entirely dedicated to walks and greatly appreciated by the people of Boulogne, they offer an unusual view of the town.

Board-sports enthusiasts will not fail to stop off at the skate-park, and the kids at the playground!

With the annual pass

Benefit from reductions to discover the crypt and the Boulogne-sur-Mer museum.

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