Metallic stick insect

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Metallic stick insect

Metallic stick insect

Identity card

Metallic stick insect

Scientific name:
Achrioptera fallax
Year of description:
Coquerel, 1861
IUCN Status:
Not Evaluated

It only lives in Madagascar




Males measure between 14 and 18 cm, whereas females are larger and measure 22 cm on average.


The metallic stick insect feeds on plants such as eucalyptus, oak leaves and brambles.

Metallic stick insect

Like all stick insects, it is capable of mimicry and can camouflage itself among branches


Males and females can be physically differentiated. Males have a slender, electric blue body with orange legs. Females have a bulkier body, are brown in colour and are larger.

Did you know?

Where is the animal to be found?

The metallic stick insect is an endemic species of Madagascar: it is found only on this island, hence the importance to preserve it.

How can it be recognised?

The metallic stick insect is native to Madagascar. It differs from other stick insects in that its middle legs are shorter than its front or back legs. It has a pair of red wings that it spreads when it feels threatened.

What is distinctive about it?

 It can also make a chirping sound similar to a rattlesnake to intimidate its enemy. It only uses its wings as an intimidation technique: it cannot fly.

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