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14 things you just have to know about the abyss


Find out more about what lies beneath the surface, all the way down to the farthest depths of the ocean.

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  • Biodiversity on the High Seas at long la...

    Biodiversity 4mn

    In 2018, an ambitious initiative for the ocean was launched.

  • Biodiversity in the open sea: from the s...

    Biodiversity 8mn

    Off the coast, beyond the territorial waters, lies the high ...

  • Bouées et drapeaux sur les plages : quelle est leur signification ?

    Buoys and flags on beaches: what do they...

    High Seas 4mn

    The summer holidays are just around the corner, and with the...

  • banc de poissons

    The European Parliament has just voted t...

    High Seas 2mn

    The High Seas Treaty is set to be adopted at the Ocean Confe...

  • Humpback anglerfish

    Abyss 3mn

    You've heard of it, haven't you? Undoubtedly yes if you have...

  • banc de mérous ile de malpelo

    A treaty on biodiversity in the high sea...

    High Seas 6mn

    More than 80 states gathered at the United Nations in New Yo...

  • haute mer

    What are the high seas?

    High Seas 6mn

    High seas or international waters? Where do the high seas be...

  • What is the water column?

    High Seas 3mn

    What lies beneath the surface of the ocean?