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Treat your employees to an unforgettable experience!

Give your employees an unforgettable day in the depths of the sea world, where they will have the opportunity to discover more than 58,000 animals. Introduce them to the beauty and vastness of the ocean and show them just how essential it is to preserve it for the future of mankind.

With our special Works council rate, your employees can take advantage of up to 20% off to explore Nausicaá and its 3 immersive and recreational tours.

Current events

Explore "The Open Sea"

Give your employees the opportunity to discover the new 'Open Sea' experience in augmented reality, to see the giants of the High Seas! Included in your Works council ticket!

New e-ticket!

Nausicaá now gives you the opportunity to book your behind-the-scenes tour online in addition to your dated ticket! The behind-the-scenes tour is a 1-hour discovery of what goes on behind the scenes of Europe's largest aquarium!

Order e-tickets

With faster and more efficient online ticketing, you can make last-minute purchases, and avoid tedious stock management and cash advances.

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Would you like to organise a group outing with your employee

By coming to Nausicaá as a group, you can be sure that your guests will enjoy a unique experience.

Nausicaá provides a dedicated service, made-to-measure solutions and unforgettable memories for your group outings!

Would you like to attend a works council open day?

We offer you the chance to discover all the secrets of Europe's largest aquarium together with our sales team. An opportunity to learn more about Nausicaá's mission and to have all the facts to share with your colleagues.

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Pour les billets CSE non datés, la période de validité est indiquée sur votre billet : vous n'avez pas besoin d'effectuer de réservation, présentez simplement votre billet au contrôle d'accès de Nausicaá.

Si vous souhaitez réserver en ligne pour la visite des coulisses, le conte interactif Malpelo en fête ou la visite guidée "les requins de Nausicaá", vous pouvez accèder à la page de réservation des animations complémentaires à votre visite en cliquant sur ce lien. Merci de vérifier la validité de votre billet avant d'effectuer votre commande des animations complémentaires.