The free Nausicaá shuttle

Head for Nausicaá on the free car park shuttle from 7 July to 1 September 2024!

For easier and faster access!

A free shuttle is placed at your disposal to  make your visit to Nausicaá even more enjoyable and practical. 

The purpose of this new shuttle is to make it easier to get to Nausicaá and free up the traffic around the Centre by allowing you to park your car in one of Boulogne-sur-Mer’s three outlying car parks. 

An ideal service for coming to Nausicaá by car and making the most of the nearby car parks


To find out more about our recommendations and services for organising your day here, consult our "Opening times, access and recommendations” section.



Practical information

The Nausicaá shuttle is free of charge and runs every day from 9am to 7.30pm.

  • The shuttle is free for all visitors to Nausicaá.
  • Two shuttles run in each direction every 15 minutes.

An ideal service for visitors coming to the Nausicaá aquarium by car and wishing to make the most of the nearby car parks.

Choose a car park served by the Nausicaá shuttle

 The shuttle serves several strategic stops close to the outlying car parks:

You want to walk from your car park to get to Nausicaá? Simply follow the line painted on the ground in the colour corresponding to your car park, it will take you directly to Nausicaá, and then from the aquarium back to your car park!

Conseils pour votre visite

At peak times, we suggest you arrive around 9.30am or after 3pm.
When Nausicaá has reached its maximum reception capacity, access to the Centre is limited or delayed to guarantee the best possible visiting conditions.
Buying your tickets beforehand online guarantees you access to the centre.

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