Wimereux: walks to take

Nord-Pas-de-Calais brims with beautiful landscapes and little hiking paths through the valleys.


The most beautiful walks around Wimereux

Between the meadows, cliffs and shoreline, there are plenty of places for getting a breath of fresh air during your stay in the region. You want to take a lovely walk around Saint-Jean Bay? The route sets out from the Wimereux tourist office. This is a 10km loop, agreeably lulled by the sea spray, without any stiff climbs.

As for the 'Vauban aux Islandais' walk, it is perfect for families of occasional hikers. An easy walk - less than 10km - that offers a lovely view of the beach and the jetty.

You mustn't spend several days in Wimereux without going to see the Slack estuary! With a very rich biodiversity, it counts a large number of dunes which give it a slightly lunar atmosphere.This is an agreeable walk to do with all the family. You start on the way out of Ambleteuse, then walk along the beach for about 800 metres before taking the path that goes up to the Slack dunes. You can also go to the Slack dunes from the north of Wimereux, taking the path along the clifftop setting out from the stadium situated at the level of Pointe-aux-Oies.

You'll also like the walk around the Mont Saint-Frieux dunes. You start from the centre of the village of Dannes and the walk is just 6km long. There is only a slight altitude difference, but the result is well worth it just for the magnificent view from the top of Mont Saint-Frieux.

A magnificent view from Cap Blanc-Nez

The Opal Coast and the Deux Caps are home to a very picturesque fauna that you'll have the pleasure of discovering during tour hikes and walks around Wimereux. Since the 1970s, the seals have made their great comeback on the coasts of the Nord. Settled in Authie bay and Canche bay, they love to come and lie on the sand at low tide. You'll be able to see two species of seals: grey seals, easily recognisable with their long muzzle, and harbour seals, less impressive but with a funny indent on their forehead, Don't forget your camera!

There are also little egrets, very elegant with their white down and long slender legs. Around Cap Blanc-Nez, we also like the Épitaphe path, a family walk laid out over just 4 km, to be discovered in 2 hours. With its very slight altitide difference, its benches, steps and orientation table, this is a walk that children particulalrly enjoy. At the same time, you can make the most of a magnificent panorama over the hinterland. If the weather's good, you'll also be able to see the English cliffs shimmering on the other side of the Channel.

A hiking circuit between Wimereux and Boulogne-sur-Mer

Not far from where you're staying in Wimereux there's Nausicaá. What about a lovely walk before visiting the largest aquarium in Europe? Wimereux and Boulogne-sur-Mer are just 6km apart, and it's even a walk you can do with your family. Park you car on Rue Carnot in Wimereux and go to the seafront and head southwards along the coast, After a few kilomètres, you'll arrive at Pointe de la Crèche, where there's a fort with the same name.

Stop off there quickly to contemplate the English cliffs that stand out on the horizon. Then carry on following the beach to Boulogne-sur-Mer. The walk will take you less than two hours, except if you take a break for a picnic! Make the most of this walk to discover the little village of Saint-Martin-Boulogne, not far away, and its typical houses.

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