Ideas for school outings near Seine Maritime

At just 2 hours from Rouen, Boulogne-sur-Mer and the surrounding area are packed with fun and educational activities for a class outing.

Children in educational activities at Nausicaa

The Hauts-de-France region is first and foremost an exceptional destination for discovery, offering a wide range of activities for schools. Here are just a few ideas...

Nausicaa, une activité pédagogique proche de la Seine-Maritime

Nausicaá, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, is a unique marine environment discovery centre for schools!

It is a prime venue for educational holidays on the French Opal Coast, and has been a partner of the French Ministry of Education since 1991.

Designated a “Centre of Excellence” by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Nausicaá offers children fun and educational activities that delve into the mysteries of nature and the ocean!

Take your pupils on an unforgettable day trip into the world of the sea, with 3 tour routes and educational activities tailored to each academic level (nursery, primary, middle school, high school and university).

Nausicaá offers a hands-on approach with 3 discovery packages on the Nausicaá site.

  • Self-guided tour, supplemented by educational fact sheets.
  • Educational activities tailored to the academic level of your pupils. They are organised by a scientific mediator and focus on 3 themes:

Dynamic Ocean Course covering the water cycle, climate, energy, pollution, currents, etc.

Ocean Culture Course, which focuses on managing marine resources, responsible consumption, sustainable development, citizenship, professions, etc.

Living Ocean Course, which focuses on biodiversity, the concept of living things, classification, reproduction, adaptation, food webs, etc.

  • Interactive e-class, which offers a one-hour videoconference with a scientific mediator on the “climate” theme. There is a choice of two subjects to complete your visit to Nausicaá: “Calculating our climate footprint” and “Climate and ocean, let’s talk about it! ”.

The Blue Academy, a venue specially designed for workshops and events for schoolchildren

The educational activities will take place in a venue specially designed for young people, experimentation and scientific discovery: the Blue Academy.

A collection of different areas, suitable for children aged 3 to over 18, covering an area of 800 m², offers a chance to discover the world of the ocean through edutainment workshops: storytelling, experiments, observation and creation.

The ocean is explored in a fun and exciting way, with children accompanied by Nausicaá’s scientific mediation team.

Practical information to help make your school outing run smoothly

  • To make your visit a memorable experience, Nausicaá has put together a package of benefits for school groups: free admission for accompanying adults and coach drivers, free parking, and cloakrooms.
  • For lunch, you can take advantage of a picnic area or choose from a range of lunch menus.
  • To enhance the experience for budding explorers, a drop-off point and a fast-track ticket desk will get you into Nausicaá even quicker.
  • For groups in a hurry, Nausicaá offers a specially adapted, quicker 1 and a 1/2-hour tour, so that you don’t miss out on any of Nausicaá’s most outstanding areas!
  • Lastly, for children with disabilities, the Centre National de la Mer offers reduced rates and specially adapted educational workshops.
  • Plan your school outing now! Nausicaá is open every day from 9.30am. to 6.30pm. The tour lasts an average of 4 and a 1/2 hours.  

Others ideas for school outings near Boulogne-sur-Mer

La Cité de la Dentelle de Calais (The City of Lace of Calais)

Set in the heart of an authentic 19th-century lace factory in Calais, the Cité de la dentelle is the standard-setting museum for lace woven on mechanical looms. Both a fashion museum and an industrial training centre, its vast galleries explore the history of lace, the techniques, lingerie and haute couture.

La Coupole in Helfaut-Wizernes

La Coupole, a Second World War bunker located 5 km from Saint-Omer, is one of the most impressive centres of Second World War history in Europe. It is a symbolic site of Nazi oppression.
After this visit, take advantage of your outing in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region to embark with your class on a total immersion experience in Space and Science at the 3D planetarium. Take part in a journey into space, followed by a 35-minute themed film of your choice.

The Louvre-Lens Museum

In this museum, school groups can explore a variety of interesting and rewarding areas and exhibitions. Encourage your students to develop critical thinking skills through contemplation and discussion You can also opt to be escorted by a mediator during your activities and create your own tour of the museum.

School outing to Nausicaá

Menez votre projet pédagogique et faites entrer l'Océan dans votre classe en profitant de l'offre pédagogique proposée par l'équipe de médiation de Nausicaá.