Preserving marine biodiversity

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There are several hundred births every year at Nausicaá!

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Preserving marine biodiversity is central to Nausicaá's mission. It is a unique conservatory of biodiversity: several hundred births take place here every year!

Whether it's penguins, fish or sharks, the births are a regular occurrence and a source of satisfaction for the team of keepers.

Since 1991, Nausicaá's Aquariology team has honed its expertise in breeding and reproduction, enabling species to be conserved ex situ. Nausicaá's keepers work in the aquariological reserves on cutting coral and rearing jellyfish. They also collect fish eggs from the tropical lagoon and the high seas tank.

Spotlight on our latest birth: 4 blackchin guitarfish

Birth of 4 blackchin guitarfish in June 2023. Good news for Nausicaá, which coordinates the European conservation programme for this species.

bébé raie guitare né à nausicaa en 2023

Born at Nausicaá: the undulate ray

A first at Nausicaá!

The first little undulate ray was born on 28 March 2023 after incubating for around 4 months in our aquariological reserves, as part of a European conservation programme.

bébé raie brunette

All our births at Nausicaá

Discover Nausicaá's conservation programmes

Nausicaá takes part in European conservation programmes to save endangered species, in collaboration with EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums).

Text transcript of the video

Several hundred animals are born at Nausicaá every year. For the first time in Europe, our first leopard shark births.

Zebra sharks born for the first time at Nausicaá!

New baby African penguins, an endangered species in the wild. These births are part of conservation programmes.

Rays and skates, reptiles, sharks, shrimps and seahorses are also born every year at Nausicaá.

Excellent news for the conservation of species.