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Tidal energy

The ocean holds tremendous potential for renewable energy.

The ocean holds tremendous potential for renewable energy. These new forms of energy can provide a response to the drive for an energy transition that reduces the use of fossil fuels.
Marine renewable energy uses technologies that are still being researched and tested for innovation.

What is tidal energy?

Not to be confused with wave energy, tidal energy is energy produced by the ebb and flow of the tides.
Tidal cycles alternately fill and empty water retention reservoirs, thereby activating turbines. These are incorporated into a dam and drive an electricity generator.
This is the technology used at the Rance tidal power station in Brittany.

Another innovative technology involves using the ebb and flow of water with tidal turbines with vertical or horizontal axes.
Eel Energy has designed a wave-membrane tidal turbine that imitates the undulating movements of marine animals, an illustration of marine biomimicry.
The name Eel is used in reference to the fish that moves with undulating movements.