Feel your heart beat for the Ocean

Beauty, abundance and mystery, but at the same time, such fragility

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Adult: 28,50€ Child: 21,50€

Events of the day

10:30 De aanraaktank voeden

Mankind and Shores - N°17

11:00 Backstage tour (fee payable, booking required)

See you in the lobby

11:00 Feeding on the High Seas

Journey on the high sea - N°12

11:30 Diamond Feeding

Mankind and shores- N°3

13:45 Guided tour: the sharks at Nausicaá (fee payable, booking required)

Activity with commentary in French

14:00 Backstage tour (fee payable, booking required)

See you in the lobby

14:00 Les contes du Hublot

french activity

14:00 Les expériences du labo

french activity

14:00 Feeding on the High Seas

Journey on the high sea - N°12

15:15 Sea lion entertainment

Mankind and Shores - N°15

15:30 Les Jeux de l'Academie (payant, sur réservation)

[BA1]Blue Academy

15:30 Les Ateliers de la Fabrik'

french activity

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The Lagon area is currently closed for renovation

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New exhibition 2024 : Journey into the Abyss

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The largest aquarium in Europe

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Guided tour : the sharks at Nausicaá (in french)

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In the depths of the Ocean
Discover & Marvel

Unforgettable emotions and sensations thanks to 3 immersive and playful visitor routes.

Journey on the High Seas

Live a unique experience around the biggest aquarium in Europe which reproduces Malpelo Island off the coast of Colombia.

Journey on the High Seas

In the Eye of the Climate

Climate change is real and is experienced every day: as you move through the exhibition, you will discover this phenomenon at its heart.

In the Eye of the Climate

Mankind and shores

Passing through the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Tropics, the coast of California…

Mankind and shores

Enjoy a unique and personalised experience

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Here and there Meet & Support

Nausicaá is a truly unique conservatory of oceanic biodiversity and is home to over 58,000 animals

From the outset, the Nausicaá crew has always been dedicated to preserving the ecosystems of the oceans and conserving marine animals.

Discover our animals


Help us support those who take action in the field


More than 20 baby penguins have been born as part of a European conservation programme.

Dominique Mallevoy, Director of Aquariology

For the blue planet Understand & Engage

Uncover all the secrets of the Ocean and discover just how fragile it is.

Read the Ocean Magazine to find out more about the Ocean and what is at stake...

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