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Boat trip around Boulogne

Enjoy a boat trip around Boulogne

Embark on La Florelle for an unforgettable sea outing around Boulogne

Just a stone's throw from the Nausicaá aquarium, La Florelle awaits you for a memorable experience. This passenger boat originally hailing from Sables-d’Olonne anchored here in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 2012. Since then it has been taking people on boat trips around Boulogne  with special rates for children and adults. At the time of your stay in Hauts-de-France, take the opportunity to discover the region differently and spend a fabulous moment off the Opal Coast.


Once on board La Florelle, you'll set out on one of the four possible tours. These different one- to four-hour round trips will allow you to discover some of the Opal Coast's emblematic places from the sea. The Captain gives a live commentary allowing you to learn all about Boulogne harbour and its roads, and also about the Pointe aux Oies natural site and the Great Deux-Caps Site (Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Gris-Nez). A sea trip on La Florelle departing from Quai Gambetta in Boulogne (just 200 metres from Nausicaá) is therefore a must during your stay on the Opal Coast with your family, friends or partner.

Boat trip around Boulogne: the port and Pointe aux Oies

La Florelle will take you on a trip to discover the port of Boulogne and Pointe aux Oies with two short sea outings.


Outing No 1: the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer

This boat trip will allow you to explore the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer and its roads. Thanks to the Captain's invaluable commentary, by the time you've finished you'll be an expert on the port activities in Boulogne and the life of the sailors. During this sea outing you'll go through Port Channel before seeing the roads, where the transatlantic liners used to stop off on their way to Africa, Asia or North America.


Outing No 2: the Pointe aux Oies

The 90-minute round trip on La Florelle will take you out to discover the magnificent Pointe aux Oies natural site located to the north of Wimereux. From the sea, marvel at the incredible view of the shoreline while learning about the history of Napoléon III's landing in detail. With a bit of luck, you'll be able to watch the grey seals and the harbour seals on the way. These wild animals come to hunt in droves on this site teeming with fish.

Take a sea trip to discover the Great Deux-Caps Site

For longer boat trips lasting half a day, embark on La Florelle heading for the Great Deux-Caps Site.


Outing No 3: Cap Gris-Nez

By opting for the Cap Gris-Nez trip you'll set out on a 3-hour cruise to see the famous French coastal site that's closest to the British coast. Along with Cap Blanc-Nez, this protected natural site forms the Great Deux-Caps Site that you can also see as you walk along the hiking paths. You'll not only be able to admire the wild landscapes from the open sea, but also the flocks of migratory birds during their migrations.


Outing No 4: Cap Blanc-Nez

La Florelle can also take you off the coast of Cap Blanc-Nez, a natural site characterised by its 150-metre high cliffs (that you can also explore on foot). During the 4-hour round trip you'll also be able to contemplate this exceptional site's unique scenery, and even catch a glimpse of the English coast if the weather's clear. Here too, you'll see a host of different species such as seals, porpoises, dolphins and seabirds.


If you liked the aquarium, think about getting an annual pass, which will offer you the opportunity to come back whenever you want. You'll not only be able quiver with fear looking at the lords of the seas, make the most of the many activities proposed at Nausicaá, but also to enjoy the various boat trips on offer around the Boulogne area!

Reduced rate for La Florelle thanks to your Nausicaa ticket

Get a reduction for a trip on La Florelle thanks to your Nausicaa admission ticket!

  • €2 discount on an adult ticket for a trip on the sea
  • €1 discount on a children's ticket for a trip on the sea
  • €5 discount on sea fishing

Special offer conditions:

Offer valid on presentation of a Nausicaá admission ticket in the week following the visit to Nausicaá.